Dans ce domaine ABED INVEST collabore avec des sociétés compétentes agrées. Nous vous donnons des conseils et pouvons vous orienter vers ces structures architecturales habilitées. ABED INVEST est généralement chargée par nos client-e-s / Maitres d’ouvrage en collaboration avec nos partenaires techniques de concevoir le projet architectural qui leur convient. ABED INVEST apporte son soutien à l’élaboration de plans professionnels de bâtiments, etc. 

ABED INVEST réalise entre autres des travaux de construction au profit du privé et du public:

  • Bâtiments scolaires et sanitaires
  • Bâtiments à usage d’habitation ou de commerce
  • Forage et de châteaux d’eau 
  • Conseil & Orientation relatifs aux activités d’architecture 

Projet engineering

We will support you in formulating the project-conception. Planning, build-up, implementation, and closeout. Our competent team will monitor and evaluate your project. 

ABED INVEST can be useful in these specific areas:

  • Technical support & Advice (psychological help)
  • Seminars & Training (Sewing, Production, Environmental Protection, Health, etc.)
  • Technical analysis for the implementation of your projects
  • Evaluation of the implemented projects
  • Concrete help in finding partners and funding
  • Organization and or management of projects
  • Support in the design and development of projects – from idea to funded project
  • Seminars for adolescents and young adults
  • Moderation of workshops and sessions
  • Video and photo documentation of your projects
  • Help if you want to start your own business
  • International meetings of young people (Africa-Europe-America / Mexico)
  • Erasmus Plus programs for young people
  • Intercultural meeting projects
  • North-South cooperation: meeting and communication
  • Planning of European projects
  • Communicative support in collaboration with Europe

 ABED INVEST is repeated several times. The original text is full of repetition…

Lease – management

ABED INVEST has movable and immovable property (office equipment, vehicles, trucks, motorcycle taxis, training centres, shops, houses for residential or commercial use, etc.) which it can rent out if necessary. 

Also, in cooperation with our partners, ABED INVEST works to satisfy your request.

Trade activities

ABED INVEST sells construction and consumption materials for various products (school and office supplies, second-hand equipment (electrical engineering, household appliances, etc.) from France and Germany, food products, beauty products, etc.

The sale of our various quality products can be made directly at ABED INVEST Shops (currently in Koudougou and Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso) or on order.